Check If your Facebook data is compromised.

The latest Facebook information breach affects up to twenty-nine million users -down from the ninety million ab initio reported, however still an enormous quantity of individuals.

What personal data can leak and how it can affect one?

Hackers may see their phone numbers and email addresses of twenty-nine million Facebook users -and many a lot of personal info of fourteen million of those, together with their work, education, current town, individuals they follow, their last fifteenFacebook searches, and also the last ten places they were labeled in.

That’s heaps of non-public knowledge to own out there within the open while not your data or consent.

Find Below to Understand better how you can check that your Facebook data is safe or not?

You can check easily about your Facebook data status

Step 1- Open a new tab in your browser and Login your facebook account. 

Step 2- Now click on this Link which is Facebook’s own explanation link about the data breach. 

Step 3- When you click on the above link a new page will open scroll it down and you will see one option which says “Is my Facebook account impacted by this security issue?”

Step 4- All done, Now you know about your Facebook data status. 


To Know more about How you can secure your data click on below Article link and scroll down the page to see the heading ” 10 Best Practices for Effective Security ” 




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