What is Webroot Safe?

Webroot Safe is the most popular and high rated Antivirus for Windows, Mac, and Android devices. webroot safe helps to protect from Virus, Malware and other Internet junks. The most helpful feature is Webroot safe browser extension that will let you understand about the website nature and type without a click with “Green” and “Red” color. 

What is Antivirus(webroot safe)and why it is required?

Why we need an Antivirus? A big question as the technology is updating day by day so it has many advantages but at the same time, we cannot close our eyes from its disadvantages.

Nowadays we can easily get any information on the Internet but think the Information that we are getting on the internet is also written by the human, and everybody knows if there is God there is Devil too.

If you wanted a demo what I mean then search for any particular term and read out on different websites. Definitely, you will understand well We always wanted to shape well our next Generation that is why we send our child’s to best school we always teach him/her good lessons, but what behind you when your kids are surfing on the internet they can mislead themselves as every child has a very innovative mind.

To protect from unwanted websites, suspicious things we use Antivirus. Security Computer security is needed for preventing and detecting Threats and viruses of your computer.

Prevention measures help you stop unauthorized users (hackers) from accessing your computer system. Hackers are always discovering new vulnerabilities to exploit in computer software. Internet Security is the most important aspect that everyone uses.

When we talk about the internet security then it is not about only viruses or threats which is coming from the internet. Basically, internet security comprises the following software’s which we should use in our computers

1. Anti-virus- New threats and Viruses are being discovered every day and to deal with them you need to have the latest version of the Anti-virus software. Even to make your Version of Anti- Virus software effective, you need to update it with latest updates available.

There is various anti-Virus Software available in the market. Like Webroot secure anywhere, Kaspersky internet security, Norton, AVG and so on. Basically, Anti-viruses protect our computers internal things like files and folders. Files and folders will never get crashed due to these viruses and threats.

Viruses can alter the work of your computer like they can corrupt your files and data. To prevent these kinds of things we should use an Anti-virus software like Webroot Safe.

2. Anti-malware/spyware- Anti-virus software alone is not enough. To be secure from Internet Security threats you also need Anti-spyware software. Spyware programs are different from viruses in a way that unlike a virus it does not alter the way in which your computer works or corrupt any data but it installs itself on your computer to send important data like passwords, Usernames, Credit card numbers and other banking credentials stored on your computer to its server.

So in order to detect spyware programs & prevent one from getting into your computer, we should use latest Anti-spyware/malware software.

3. Firewall- firewall prevent hackers from attacking your system and find out vulnerabilities in your System. Firewall blocks traffic not authorized to access your PC. Firewall enables you to access the internet securely and prevent unauthorized applications and people from accessing your PC.

4. Browser security- Browser security is very important because a lot of the threats and spyware came into the computers through the suspicious websites. To prevent our computer from the suspicious websites we should configure browser security over the internet browser.

We should also use an extension of Add blocker that will prevent from the unwanted advertisements and from the unwanted Pop-ups. Webroot.com/safe can help you in a better manner and it’s totally my opinion which is based on my experience with www.webroot.com/safe, You can Download and Install Webroot Safe from Official website and protect your all devices.